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The literal meaning of Piedmont is the foot of a mountain- which is in tandem to its location at the below regions of beautiful lush mountains.

Bu the main attraction of the beautiful locale lays elsewhere- wine! A gamut of well appreciated wines finds their origin in Piemonte- Piedmont. There are officially 46 DOC and four DOCG areas, Piemonte wines are world famous.
Piedmont has been the setting for a host of historical events, from invasion from multiple fraternities in ancient times to WWII in recent history. The region soaks in a lot of cultural affairs and military rituals which the travelers can soak it.
From historical essence to rich cultural traditions, there is a lot to soak in for a traveler when one visits the Italian landmass.


Ski places in south Piedmont:

When it comes to sports activities South Piedmont does offer a gamut of choices. Skiing forms one of the main activities that the travelers and locals indulge in. There are a number of key spots in Piedmont known for skiing activities. The area at the south of Cuneo has vast ski run expanses. This quite incredible landscape attracts ski enthusiasts from all over the world. Couple the skiing with some moth watering cuisines and wine and the travel experience is complete. When it comes to ski locations, travelers might be spoilt for choices by the sheer number of locations. There is Riserva Bianca at Limone Piemonte and the Mondolé Ski" area lying nestled within Artesina and Prato Nevoso. Lurisa forms another destination of repute along with Po Valley, valle Gesso and Valle Stura.

Langhe and Wines

Lying just south of Alba and east of the Tanaro River, the Cuneo province of Langhe is a name that is synonymous with quality wines. The hilly region boasts of a number of DOC locations and viticulture. The local winemakers are masters in the art of making high-standard wines which boasts of quality almost similar to 'Super Tuscans', the delights from Tuscany. Some revered wine variants include Barolo and Barbaresco among others. The seekers of exotic and experimental wines can take a sip of Langhe Chardonnay wines. Langhe DOC laws are quite extensive and that allows for a number of wine variants to rise in prominence. Variants like rosso (red), bianco (white) and rosato (rose) wines are growing in numbers and travelers with a penchant for wine tasting can indulge in experimenting with the semi-sparkling frizzante and Novello wines.