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Lombardia and Milan


The Lombardy region of Italy is one of its biggest demographic regions as well and forms Italy's border with Switzerland. The region stretches from the Alps in the north to the lowlands of Po valley.

Lombardia boasts of a magnificent mountain chain and the breath taking Camonica valley. Lombardia is especially famous for winter sports and the sports facilities are equipped with modern facilities. For the lovers of wine the Franciacorta region is a paradise of sorts and the vineyards here boasts of international quality. The travelers can too bask in the beauty of the great lakes of Como and Maggiore which offers natural splendor at its full blossom. Po valley is characterized by shimmering water bodies and rice paddles. The main facet that will captivate the travelers is the bounty of natural fertile landscape and the mirage of harmonic living between ancient traditions and modern technology based lifestyle.