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LIGURIA, Winter sports

Winter in Liguria is a wonderful affair with snow topped mountains hosting villages with medieval architectures.

The mountains of Liguria is home to some of the best skiing as well as snowboarding joints in all of Europe. Certainly, the winter time sports rope in these two activities. There are primarily two major skiing destinations in Liguria- Limone Piemonte and Monesi di Triora.

  • Limone Piemonte: The skiing town of Limone Piemonte celebrated a historic century in skiing in the year 2007, being initially set up as a skiing destination as back as in 1897. The Alpine regions of the skiing town are now accompanied with modern skiing facilities to be deemed as one of the most sought after skiing destination. The town has played host to a number of editions of the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Cup championships over the years and boasts of facilities of international standards.

  • Monesi di Triora: Often deemed as “Liguria’s Little Switzerland” in the 60’s and 70’s the Monesi di Triora is primarily a skiing town situated at a staggering 1,376 meters (4,514 feet) above sea level.  The skiable area of the town is slightly more than 3 square kilometers and offers intermediate to expert levels in skiing.

  • Prato nevoso: Skiing forms the main activity in Prato Nevoso with the region being well accessible by both automobiles and train ways. The resort in built in 1960 by some Ligurian entrepreneurs and have since served as a destination for winter sports enthusiasts as well as cycling enthusiasts.

  • Artesina: Artesina is as much in demand as Prato Nevoso when it comes to skiing trips. The travelers can make use of the excellent ski services which include doorstep skiing. There is also a ski school which helps budding skiers to hone their skills. A number of runs and extensive skiing area forms the feature o the area. There is state-of the - art snow cannons which spew artificial snow even in mild weather. Thus the area serves as a skiing joint all through the year.

  • San Giacomo di Roburent: The San giacomo di roburent lies in the Italian Alps at an altitude of 980m to 1611m. The main facet of the resort is that is served by about 20 individual pistes and accommodates 9 ski lifts.

  • Lurisia: The pleasant climate of Lurisia forms a perfect getaway for people in both summer and winter seasons. At 720 meters altitude, the Lurisia Mountain has ample greenery with a number of recreation centers as well.  Mountain bike excursions and walking expeditions are two best activities to indulge in this area.

  • Chiusa di pesio: Chiusa di pesio serves more as a leisurely retreat than a sports avenue. The serene setting is a hit among travelers and occasion hiking expeditions are parts of travel here.