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Varazze (SV)


Nestled in an inlet of Punte della Mola and Punta dell'Asper, Varazze is essentially an ancient village present from the medieval times.

In line with the efffervescent past of the locale, the tourists stumble into lemon gardens, neat markets ans scenic locales hidden in the bosom of the town. The renovated St. Ambrogio and church of St. Domenico attracts the architectural pursits nd especially lovers of gothic art.

The coastal beach is dotted with more than 40 resots of high standards- enough to satiate the elite tourism experince craved by the travellers. The Beigua regional nature park fomrs a perfect stroling avenue of the toruists and locals alike.

Couple with that the meidieval villages and the essentially Italian experince is complete. Varazze is one of the most visited spots in the Ligurian region with a dense propensity of the Fresnch, Germa and Swiss travellers during the hoilday season.