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Genova (GE)



Genova is Italy is a city that is dripping with historical anecdote. The port city is located in northern Italy. Genova is also effectively the capital of the Liguria region of Italy and serves as a business nerve centre. From time immemorial it has served as a trade centre and was coupled alongside Rome and Venice in terms in historical impetus. Today, Genova poses as a favored travel destination for tourists from across the globe. Coupled with the aura of a medieval sea port, Genova offers a cozy setting for sightseeing, sea-food cuisine and most importantly an eclectic mix of culture. In fact Genova awarded the accolade of being European Capital of Culture in the year 2004. In other words, Genova serves as the "quintessential" Italy experience for travelers.


The Genova Cristoforo Colombo Airport serves as a primary airport to access this part of Italy. The airport is built on an artificial peninsula and is located at a mere 4 K.M adrift of the main Genova City. Apart from regular domestic and international flights, the airport also serves the Genova seaport. Complementing its stature as one of the most important airports in Italy, the Genova airport has direct flights from five international destinations.


Genova is famous for some of the most exotic platters in the European scene and that certainly plays a part in Genova being deemed as a gastronomic escapade. The gastronomic mix of Genova is an ensemble of regional delights admixed with discovered flavors that the old time sailors brought home from their sea voyages.

The Trenette, a spaghetti exclusive to Liguria is complemented with Pesto, a sauce made from locally available basil, garlic, extra-virgin olive oils and pine seeds to form a gastronomic pair which few travelers will dare to miss.

Other delights include farinata di ceci- a flat bread variant teamed with rosemary. A number of variants of the local favorites focaccia, which are necessarily crisp flat breads are also favorites among visitors. For the lovers of continental delights, the pansoti in salsa di noci- a ravioli with sauce made from nuts is a must have. It is imperative to mention the wide gamut of grilled fish variants on offer.

Golf Clubs

As a tourist retreat, Genova offers a wide array of activity options- golfing being one of the prime attractions. Genova has some major as well as miniscule golfing avenues which offer travelers with a mean to indulge.

  • Genova Lakes Golf Club: If one gauges a golf club on the spectrum of scenic beauty, it will be hard to beat the Genova Lakes Golf Club. The golf club has been set up against the spectacular setting of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The luxurious setting constantly ranks as the "best course in the state" and offers the visitors with a luxuriant way to indulge.

Spa and Wellness

Being a tourist attraction, it is imperative that Genova features some good spots for wellness and indulgence. Aiding this cause are the state-of-the-art spas and wellness centers. Among the many options, the most rated and reviewed ones are the 1862 David Walley's Hot Springs Resort and Spa (2001 Foothill Rd., Genova , NV 89411) and Marina Place Resort & Spa – Genova (Via Pionieri ed Aviatori d'Italia).

Winter and summer Sports

As a tourist destination Genova does not effectively offer winter sports activities as such.
The visitors coming to Genova in winter time can though take some excavations trips to Sierra Nevada Mountain range which forms an excellent backdrop to the age old city.

It is imperative to say the Football forms the biggest attraction in the region with Genova F.C being the oldest Football club in whole of Italy. The almost religious following to football is an experience to behold as the hugely popular club has fan following in other parts of the Continent as well. Apart from Genova F.C, Sampordia is also another major club of distinction in the place and the local derby is one of the most eagerly awaited fixture of the Italian Serie A. Both the clubs of Genova and Sampordia share the Luigi Ferraris Stadium as their home stadium. The mammoth stadium has a capacity of 36,536 spectators.


Genova reportedly is house to one of the biggest aquariums in all of Europe and a breeding ground of a vibrant marine life. Being a sea facing city, Genova effectively offers marine diversity and serves as a great tourist attraction. The Aquarium of Genova or in Italian language Acquario di Genova is situated in the old harbor area of the city. The massive structure spans an impressive 33,000-square-foot (3,100 m2).

The aquarium attracts over 1.2 million visitors yearly and has been listed as a member organization to the European Association of Zoos and Acquaria. The aquarium also serves as centre of ecological awareness.

Nature and Parks

The parks of Genova city are the effectively lush green landscapes and serves as tourist attractions. Though a number of parks form the collection in Genova , some of the main attractions are:

  • Piazza Corvetto Parks: This is effectively a adjoining of two parks. The Central square stand amidst these parks. The Piazza Corvetto parks are deemed as "Sunday Parks" owing to their massive attendance rates. The two parks forming the Paizzo Corvette are the Acquasola Park and Villetta Dinegro. Both the parks have 18th Century origins and is endowed with the artistic excellence of Carlos Barabino.

  • Groppallo Park: The Groppallo Park is another major attraction and located in the central part of Genova . Easily accessible from diverse locations, the Groppallo Park also serves as a major tourist attraction as well as a perfect stroll destination for the locals.


The main locations known for shopping in Genova are the ones which effectivesly radiates from the central location of Piazza De Ferraris. Via XX Settembre, via Roma and Galleria Mazzini form the central locations to indulgence for shoppers. The old Bazaar style alleyways are unique to Genova and are a throwback to the medieval trade destination.

Some other locations for shopping are Via San Luca and via Orefici. Apart from merchandise, one can also look into the pastry shops located in Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano. For food lovers a stroll through Via San Vincenzo and Via Colombo will be much fruitful. The Oriental market or Mercato Orientale is also an important location for food adventure.

The port city of North Italy is often deemed as one of the best romantic retreats in Italy.

Being a historical sea town by its own rights, Genova rivals Rome and Venice with its historical allure. The travelers can revel in the eclectic cultural mix of town, fantastic cuisines and a host of shopping avenues.

The art lovers will have their senses satiated with the artistic opulence in churches, residential villas as well as the narrow alleyways of the city. The historic trade centre has housed a number of boutique fashion stores in recent time and that has endowed with the tag of being a favorite shopping destination.

The ranges of wares available in the markets are of exquisite quality, Genova by many standards offers the travelers with the quintessential Italian experience. With the recent developments breathing in a cosmopolitan air in the centuries old city, it has become more viable for international travelers.